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We can relieve your time entry and tracking headaches, quick and easy!

Chances are, no matter what your time entry and tracking headaches are, TimeTrackerTM can relieve them!  TimeTracker is deisgned to give you and your employees access, from anywhere, at anytime - to check in and out for guaranteed accuracy and accoutability. 

TimeTracker can be implemented both locally using a bar code scanner and/or via the web using any browser from any computer. TimeTracker cures all time keeping headaches by simplifying and streamlining your process. You'll be able to throw away old punch card based systems and enjoy never having to manually add up employee hours ever again.  Even automatically pass on your company's payroll hours to a payroll service or your accountant for instant processing - on time and on budget, with no headaches!

Sign up for our FREE 30-day TimeTracker trial and instantly receive all of TimeTracker's benefits. So, keep reading to learn more about TimeTracker's features, and remember, if you don't see the feature you've always wanted, just ask for it!  We'll customize it for you at No Cost.

TimeTracker Features

  • Automatically total payroll hours - by company, department, employee, supervisor and more
  • Real-time employee submission of time cards - check status anytime
  • Supervisor approval/declination of time card
  • Automate payroll accountant or service reporting
  • Online access from anywhere, at anytime, from any computer
  • Company pay codes - vacation time, sick time, regular time
  • Track employee time by department, supervisor, project, and more
  • Track overtime
  • Log time against a project or task, even bill time to clients
  • Add optional bar code reader using secure cards for automated in/out processing
  • System customization -- if your company has special needs, talk to us! We'll customize TimeTracker for you.

Interested in evaluating TimeTracker? See our Evaluation Form for more details.

Interested in knowing how much money you'll save your business by using TimeTracker?  See our Savings Calculator and quickly learn what we can do for you - guaranteed!

Please contact us if you have any further questions about TimeTracker.

Easy to Use and Setup

The Company Setup Wizard makes getting started quick and easy. The wizard explains each option to help your company quickly start using TimeTracker.

Company Setup Wizard


At the end of the pay period, employees review and submit time cards to their supervisor. The supervisor will receive a report of all employees and be able to see who has submitted time cards. Once the supervisor approves the card, the company accountant will receive a report showing employee hours, overtime, vacation/holiday/sick time, etc.

Time card accountant report

Advanced Project Task Tracking

With TimeTracker, you can track employee hours right down to the project task level. With the advanced task interface, each employee can simply and quickly assign hours worked to a specific project task, or assign the hours to multiple tasks. These hours are then tracked using ProjectTracker.

Advanced Task Entry screen

Employee Time Card

The main time card is simple and easy to read. The user can check in and out by clicking a single button, or, for advanced usuage, can add entries and attach comments or link to a project task. Time cards are categorized by pay periods, which are in turn automatically generaged by the system.

Time Card View

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