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"Before TimeTracker, I was forced to write down my hours on a paper time card. At the end of the pay period I spent nearly 20 minutes adding up my hours. After turning in my time card to my supervisor, he would spend another 10 minutes validating my hours. The process was so tedious. Finally, I decided to create a program for tracking my time. My program (TimeTracker) made time keeping so easy that the CEO of the company approached me and asked me if the rest of his employees could also use it. Pretty soon, TimeTracker grew into what we have today."

Ryan Scott
RPM Solutions

"TimeTracker has been an irreplaceable addition to our business.  I was spending over an hour each pay period adding up the time of our 6 employee's time cards.  I was also rounding the time to the nearest quarter hour.  Now it takes me minutes to log on to TimeTracker, check each employee's time and then print out a report to give to our accountant.  The employee's are paid for the exact time they are in the office, which ended up saving us money.  I no longer have to search for time cards and I don't have to spend frustrating hours adding up minutes.  TimeTracker has saved valuable time and I would recommend this system to any business owner to make your time and payroll more efficient."

Heather Olaveson
Payroll Director
Olaveson Chiropractic

”At first I was a little skeptical about RPM’s come back offer. We’re a multi-million dollar software company ourselves, and have the resources to buy whatever we needed. But I realized I really hadn’t given them a chance during my initial 30 day trial to prove their worth. So, after looking at my other options, which required some investment up front on my part, I decided I had nothing to lose and everything to gain to give RPM a try. The entire risk was on RPM to prove I needed them. When it was all said and done, they proved it. Shame on me for not really looking at their software in the beginning. I’ll be a customer for a long time.”

J.E. Davis
Marketing Project Manager
AMX International


"TimeTracker made keeping track of my hours so much easier! I used to manually enter hours on a time card then add them up each pay period. Sometimes it would take me 30 minutes to an hour to complete my card. With TimeTracker, I'm able to have my card ready and turned in within 60 seconds or less."

Web Master
DT, Inc.



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