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Simple easy-to-use project management features ensure your projects are on time and on budget.

  • See status of all projects quickly and easily through our "Executive Project Portal".  Stop light color coding makes it simple to see completed, delayed, or cancelled projects. 
  • Create projects and tasks, then assign resources to those tasks.
  • All assigned resources can be setup to charge a different rate for each task.
  • Invite clients or other outside resources to join a project via email.
  • Project Cost reporting - track cost as the project progresses.
  • With the flexible security of ProjectTracker, you'll be able to create roles for everyone that participates in the project. For example, create a role for clients that gives access to project status and discussion areas.
  • Create invoices and email them to clients.
  • Un-billed time reporting.
  • Setup billing categories for each task with each assigned a different bill rate.
  • Track project issues with our built-in issues forum.
  • Upload project related files. With our online access technology, you'll be able to see project files from anywhere, at anytime as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Integrated time keeping system using TimeTracker.
  • Setup Project Alerts to notify you via email when a project is in progress, on time, over budget, delayed, cancelled or completed.
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